St. Joseph School offers its students opportunities for growth in the following major subjects


The religion program includes Catholic Doctrine and Tradition, Bible Study, and Social Justice. Liturgical services are held weekly for students.

The religion program aims for a well-coordinated program involving all those from whom the child receives his/her first understanding of faith, whether in the home, in the parish, or in the school.

Sacramental Preparation
Parents of students celebrating First Eucharist, First Reconciliation, and Confirmation must contact their parish regarding additional preparations and parish enrollment information.

School liturgies are celebrated weekly throughout the school year. All parents, family members and friends are invited to attend. Students are afforded the opportunity to participate fully and enthusiastically with great reverence and respect. If you are a trained Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist, reader, or cantor and are available to assist in school liturgies, please contact the school office.

Because God is all knowing and all loving, we believe God keeps us constantly in mind. At St. Joseph School we strive to return this love of God by reminding ourselves of his presence. The way to respond to God is through prayer. We begin each day with prayer, and say both formal and informal prayers throughout the day.

Language Arts

The Language Arts Program incorporates reading and comprehension, writing, and oral language. The students are introduced to various literary genres and skills are systematically developed. Grammar, writing mechanics, phonics, spelling, and vocabulary are taught in context and through formal instruction.

Students are regularly encouraged to participate in regional and national essay contests.


St. Joseph School incorporates rote mathematics instruction alongside the McGraw-Hill Mathematics textbook series. Math facts are practiced in written and oral form. In addition, students grades three through eight have the opportunity to excel on an individual basis through the Think Through Math online program.

Our Middle School mathematics program mirrors programs seen throughout the state. Courses offer integrated math in levels – Math One, Math Two, and Math Three. Eighth graders are offered the chance to take Course One, recognized by area high schools as a Freshman level course.

Students also may elect to participate in the Math Field Day competition beginning in Fourth Grade. Saint Joseph students regularly compete at the County, Regional, and State levels of this competition. The 2016 Sixth Grade Math Field Day team is pictured above.


St. Joseph School recognizes computer literacy and proficiency as a necessity in our technological society. Educational technology is integrated into the instruction throughout the school day. We offer a variety of technological mediums: Apple MacBooks, Google Chromebooks, and iPads.

Social Studies

In Social Studies, students study the cultures of people past and present, as well as geographical and environmental features of the world. They study the history of the United States and West Virginia and the contributions and traditions of diverse cultures. Students are taught to respect the dignity and rights of all members of our global society as set forth in the Gospels.

Middle school students take part in a variety of local, state, and national competitions. These experiences foster student growth, achievement, leadership, and learning outside of the classroom. Competitions may vary by year, but students consistently participate in Social Studies Fair, National Geography Bee, and National History Day. Numerous SJS students distinguish themselves in these competitions each year and move on to advanced levels.


Through a hands-on approach to the biological, physical, and earth sciences, scientific literacy is achieved; curiosity is encouraged; and respect for God’s world is fostered. Students in grades 6th-8th may elect to participate in the Science Fair to meet their requirements for graduation.

Fine Arts

Students at St. Joseph School are exposed to various art mediums, styles, and activities. Art expression is cultivated on an individual basis as class activities are introduced. Student artwork is on display at the school continually throughout the year. In music, students learn the rudiments of reading music. They also are exposed to various styles of music and composers.

Middle school students are given the opportunity to choose from a variety of music classes, including Choir, Handbell Choir, and Band.

Physical Education

Students participate and learn various structured games, and work to pass physical fitness tests. Students are encouraged to strive for the Presidential and National Physical Fitness Awards.

Extra-curricular Athletic programs are also available for middle school students. These include: volleyball, cross country, tennis, and basketball.


Saint Joseph School currently offers Spanish to Pre-Kindergarten students (beginning at age two) through the Second Grade, expanding the program each year with this grade level. This is a non-graded course with the intention to teach Spanish fluency and understanding. Students in the eighth grade are given the opportunity to enroll in a High School level Spanish I course for high school credit.

The class provides an in-depth study of the Spanish language and culture. Students will learn the differences between the Spanish and English language usage.  They engage in listening, speaking, writing and demonstrating activities in class. Also, the students will compare cultural norms in different Spanish speaking countries.


Middle school students are given the opportunity to participate in electives throughout the school year. The elective period is held the last period on Fridays, and change with each trimester. Parents who are willing to assist in offering an elective should contact the principal.

Student Activities

Students Participate in a variety of academic and extra-curricular activities throughout the year.

Field Trips
Classes are enhanced through experiencing the community and world around us in the form of field trips. Beginning in Pre-Kindergarten, our students participate in a variety of field trips throughout the year. Students visit churches, museums, historical sites, and nature sites to name a few.

Spiritual Development
Weekly school liturgies, prayer experiences, retreats, and penance offer students the opportunity to deepen their faith. Our Prayer Partner Program matches older students with their younger peers to collaborate on various projects throughout the year.

Service Projects
Throughout the year, students are encouraged to make a difference in our community by participating in service to those who are less fortunate. Many projects address the need in our immediate community, while some encourage students to address the school’s mission of global awareness.

Academic Activities
Our students participate in a number of academic opportunities at a local, regional, state, and national level. This includes Science and Social Studies Fairs, Math Field Day, essay and visual art competitions.