For over 130 years St. Joseph School has been providing an excellent Catholic education in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. Our Catholic identity truly sets us apart in the way in which we prepare our students to be good Christian leaders in the community throughout the rest of their lives. Through the building of a strong faith life, a firm moral character, and a desire of service, our students are able to be always faithful to Christ and those around them.

 Our primary goal at St. Joseph School, above all else, is to help make saints. Thus, we strive to help each of our students encounter Jesus Christ and so build a personal relationship with him (cf. John 1:38-39). Through instruction in prayer, an intensive focus on scripture, and teaching about Church doctrine, our students grow dramatically in their faith. In addition, they are given numerous opportunities to participate in the Sacraments such as weekly school mass and periodic penance services every year.

 Furthermore, our students are taught the importance of a moral character and how it must have a strong foundation (cf. Mt 7:25-25). They are encouraged to grow in virtue with each moment and each action. Each of our teachers help to guide students to have a well-formed conscience and values system beginning with preschool up until when they graduate in 8th grade. Students are taught personal discipline through their academic assignments, extracurricular activities, and the normal day to day interactions with others so that they may be who God made them to be.

 Our belief in the Gospel drives us to be “doers of the Word and not hearers only” (Ja 1:22). The students live out their faith through serving others and this often leads others to do so as well. Through a variety of service projects, activities, speakers, and field trips our students are encouraged to be young men and women for others, even when it takes them out of their comfort zone. It is this giving of oneself that allows each student to live their faith, but also to choose what is good and moral throughout their lives.

At St. Joseph School it is our mission to guide every student to be faithful to Jesus Christ. The Catholic identity of St. Joseph School is essential in helping our teachers and students to live out daily Christ’s commandment “Love one another as I have loved you” (John 13:34). By firmly trusting in Christ, living out their faith authentically, and teaching them to lead by example, our students, and the whole school family, are able to let their light shine (Mt. 5:16).

The Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston

Saint Joseph School is one of the twenty-seven schools within the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston. Our Catholic schools develop the whole child to live as Christ taught us. Catholic elementary schools provide the academic foundation that is necessary to succeed in secondary and higher education. Please take the time to visit the Department of Catholic Schools website.