Saint Joseph School offers Pre-Kindergarten programming for ages two, three, and four.

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Our Philosophy
At Saint Joseph School, we appreciate and respect the uniqueness of every child. We believe in identifying and encouraging each child’s strengths and interests in meeting the needs of each individual child. We strive to create a program that enriches the lives of our children, families, staff, and community. Our goal for all children is the development of self-confidence and self-esteem. Emphasis is placed on providing a warm and intriguing environment that all children need to learn and grow. Our academic program is an excellent foundation to meet the educational demands of a career at Saint Joseph School.

Educational Setting
Our Pre-Kindergarten Teachers are all certified Early-Childhood Educators, experienced and educated in early-childhood development. Additionally, depending on class-size, full-time Educational Aides assist students in the classroom. At Saint Joseph School, we strive to keep small class sizes to best enhance the learning atmosphere.

Classroom Sharing
Everyday we make time to gather and share stories. Being together allows us to get to know our friends and play learning games. During this time, we also sing and dance as we learn new songs and listing to music.

Literacy and Reading
Each day we set aside time to read together. Our read-aloud encourage us to learn new words as we read simple, repetitive stories with predictable text. Children are encouraged to extend their vocabulary and fluency by talking and listening, and by hearing and responding to stories, songs and rhymes.

Meals and Snacks
Saint Joseph School offers a for-purchase hot lunch option daily. We help children develop independence and good eating habits throughout the day. Intimate, classroom dining allows children to eat at their own pace in a familiar environment. Teachers and children sit and eat together, sharing in good food and conversation.

Outdoor Fun and Exercise
Each class is scheduled for outside time, weather permitting, twice daily. Our play equipment is designed to maximize fun and safety. Additionally, classes enjoy free-play indoors once a day.

During our education time, we focus on developmentally appropriate Math, Literacy, Science, and Spanish activities. Through fun, interactive games and engagements, our teachers provide children with an education foundation for their emerging skills.

Quiet Time
After lunch, our students enjoy a calm atmosphere with soft, dim lighting, and a cuddly blanket from home. Children rest on individual cots. While some doze off and nap for a time, others may enjoy laying quietly.

Field Trips
Saint Joseph School believes that field trips expand a child’s learning through hands-on experiences. Parents are notified in advance of any off-site trips and are encouraged to participate!