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  1. If your child has been awarded the scholarship, you should have received a survey, completed it, and have an email confirming that it was submitted.

    A – If your Hope Scholar was in public school, in person, virtual, or charter, and is still attending, the administrators of the Hope Program at the West Virginia State Treasurer’s Office advised that parents may want to withdraw students on or before the end of the first semester, assuming that is before Jan. 15, to receive the correct amount at that time. Some counties aren’t ending their first semester until after that.

    B – If your Hope Scholar was being homeschooled or was enrolled in a microschool, you will receive the full amount on Jan. 15 and will work with the Hope Program administrators for reimbursements.

    C – If your Hope Scholar was enrolled in a nonpublic school (private school), you will receive the full amount on Jan. 15. Schools may reimburse you and charge your account for funds paid prior to the 15th for this year, or you may submit documentation for reimbursement for funds paid. For balances due, you may be receiving notification now to approve enrollment in your school if they have completed the process in the portal and linked your student’s account to their school.

    REIMBURSEMENT – Gather all documentation for educational expenses from Aug. 15 through Jan. 15 to provide when they are ready to begin processing. We have been told the administrators will be reviewing all submissions, even those that come from vendors or providers who weren’t qualified as a Hope Provider prior to the injunction.

  2. If your child has earned eligibility by completing 45 calendar days in public school, you should have submitted the Application Request Form. If you’ve done this and haven’t heard anything yet, please email to be sure you’re connected to the right people.

    A – If you got the approval to apply, and your application status in the portal says submitted, keep checking your account daily to see if it changes to approved or gets placed on hold. If it gets placed on hold, please email

  3. If you are looking to enroll your child in school to earn eligibility, please complete this form.