Fine Arts

Music Education

Students in Pre-Kindergarten through the Eighth Grade participate in a General Music Class throughout the school year. Once in the Fourth Grade, students may choose to participate in our Beginning Band and students in Middle School can participate in our Advanced Band. Middle school students may also join our Handbell Choir and Vocal Choir.

Our Christmas Musical Program includes students in Pre-Kindergarten through the Fifth Grade, and students who are in Band, Choir, and Handbell Choir also perform at a concert twice a year.

In addition, our Piano teacher teaches individual piano lessons throughout the school day and after school to students who choose to participate. There is an additional piano tuition for students who participate.

Art Education

Beginning in Kindergarten, students participate in an Art class once a week and students in Middle School have the opportunity to take an Advanced Art Elective Class. Our school hallways are adorned with our students’ artwork throughout the year.

Theater Education

Students in Kindergarten through the Fifth Grade work on a Christmas Musical (and some times a Spring Musical) which they perform for all our families and community members. Students learn the basics of acting, staging, singing, and stage design through the process. Our middle school students can choose to participate in a Musical Theater elective and, again, prepare for a theatrical production for our school community.